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Gonaives/Ennery, Haiti 2012

Ed Lykins will be checking on the Ennery work site which the CMF work team will be working at in January and February 2013.  The dates are October 11 – 27 for Ed and October 18 – 27 for Scott and Nancy Mays and Donna Young who will be working hard to build the trusses with Joe Luka's group for the roof of Charles Wilfoget's church.  Pray for this trip and the completion of that church.  The 2013 CMF Building Project’s final plans will be based on what work has been completed by the Ennery Church family so make that a matter of prayer as well.

Below are updates on the work trip:

October 12, 2012:
The October Work Trip in Gonaives, Haiti has started.  Ed Lykins arrived at Sainsurin's home around 9:00pm last night.  He traveled well and is feeling rested this morning.  Ed said the weather is HOT, HOT, HOT! 
Ed has arrived one week ahead of the main work team so he can check out how construction is coming along on the Ennery church building.  The January-February 2013 CMF work trip is based partly on how the construction is coming along and how the building is being constructed.  It is being built on a steep hillside and must be built so the hillside and the buildings above it will not slide down the hillside when it rains and floods.  Make this a prayer concern that good decisions for the LORD will be made. 
Again, Ed has arrived and is doing well.  Keep praying for the Illinois, Missouri, and CMF work team members as they arrive in a few days and work on Charles' church building.   The plans are to put the roof on the building, finish the porch, and steps. Our God is so awesome and we give him all the praise and glory for this work he has lead his servants to do in his name.
I will keep you updated as news comes in.  Also keep checking the web site.
Sister in Christ,

October 16, 2012:
Ed called this evening and said the construction at the Ennery site had progressed much better than expected. The footings along the clinic were very well constructed and the footing on the opposite side of the building was also complete. Materials for the trusses to be built next week have been purchased. Ed will be traveling to the airport on Thursday to meet Scott, Nancy and Donna when they arrive at the airport.

Ed also indicated that a bridge in the St. Marc area was damaged this week and may require a detour to get to Port au Prince. 

In Christ,
John Hendrix

October 19, 2012
Yesterday was a very busy, (hard) day! Getting things started is always rough, but we made it through with a lot getting accomplished. Scottie got set up under the make shift shade Ed had prepared for him to start welding the trusses. He was more than thrilled when Steve came back to help him drill holes and work beside him as they really worked well together. Donna, Nancy and  Mandy started bending the re bar with the help of the kitchen lady's when they weren't too busy taking care of all the things they had to do. They were unpacking and organizing all the meals and keeping cold water for all of us, making sure we were all well hydrated. Joe and his crew were at the church site by 6:30 a.m. and started digging right away for the multiple entrances to the church. One of the side entrances was completed with the side steps concrete poured. The rest are ready for concrete today. The front entrance to the church building has the fill hauled in for the concrete and the men dug the footer for the latrine also. Norman and his men from the Missouri team arrived safely after their 24 hour delay. Norman will pour the bond beam tie down today. The new generator Ed ordered months ago, did not work so we took it back to the store and they are going to replace it, with it arriving Tuesday. Sainsurin has agreed to let us use his until then. The kitchen stove was under repair so this proved to be quite a challenge for the women to prepare supper. They did an excellent job and everyone's stomachs was filled as well has their soul's with the devotion Joe shared with us. When I drove through the village where this church is being built, I knew looking into the faces of these people what a blessing this building was going to be. I couldn't help but think that maybe I was looking into the faces of those who would come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Maybe I was looking into the face of a young man who might grow up to be a minister, theologian, or missionary. I do know this one thing, where Christ is being taught, souls are saved. Praise be to God for the opportunity to help Him build the church!
What a blessing it has been to have Ed here a week prior to us, as he had so much ready to go. The Ennery church building has had a lot of work done and Ed was well pleased when he visited there.
Please continue to pray for us, and God bless you all!

Saturday Oct. 20, 2012
Another extremely busy day in Gonaives Haiti.. As Joe said, "they didn't waist any daylight today."  On the job site by 6:30 a.m. proved to be beneficial as the men got so much accomplished today! The bond beam steel for the trusses are now in place. They finished pouring all the concrete for all four entrances, including the large entrance on the front of the building. The men layed the block for the preaching stage as well as the needed back fill to have it ready now to pour the concrete on Monday. Tomorrow we will rest being it is the Lord's day and we have a spot reserved to be around His table at the Gonaives Christian Church. The women got the rest of the rebar bent this morning and Scottie has 20 of the 26 trusses needed and I am sure he will have them ready for the roof crew sometime Monday. The project is approximately 15% complete, so we are well on our way! Tonight's scripture was read by Josiah. "and whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him." Col. 3:17 Thank you again for your prayers, God bless you all!

Sunday Oct. 21, 2013
Psalm 122:1 I rejoiced with those who said to me, "let us go to the house of the Lord."  

Attending church services in Haiti is one of the very best highlights of our trips. We started the day with devotions and communion at the house and then went to worship with some of the most sincere Christians I have ever known. A small group went to Charles Wilfoget's service and the rest of us at Sainsurin's. Our weary souls were refreshed with the word of God, and singing beautiful songs and hymns to our Savior Jesus Christ was just what we needed! Some of the group went to visit the Jesus Loves Me orphanage this afternoon, and then all attended services at Sainsurin's church. A lot of special music was enjoyed and our group participated with one of my all time favorite songs, "To God be the glory." Steve did a solo on his harmonica, "Ancient Words" and the people were more than thrilled! Our fellow Christians in the Gonaives Christian Church are an enthusiastic group of people! Rest was much needed today, and tomorrow we will start at 4:30 a.m. moving trusses to start the roof on the job site. Hallelujah, and to GOD BE THE GLORY!
Monday Oct. 22, 2012 
4:30 a.m. we left for the job site. All the trusses had to be carried by hand out to the road, along with the several wheel barrells full of tools and supplies. Two major trucks had to be unloaded when they arrived with the trusses, wood & tin. By the end of the day five trusses were in place and the sixth one was ready to go. Several purlins were in place and the concrete was poured on the preaching stage and front steps.The construction of the pews was started and the electric work continued. The electricity was out as well as the internet so the update and communication with loved ones had to wait. The ladies from Illinois has been taking very good care of everyone with cooking and cleaning and we appreciate them so much! Please continue your prayers for us, God bless you all!
Tuesday Oct. 23, 2012
Another early start to the day proved to be beneficial as the trusses were completed and the purlins all in place. The first piece of roof tin was nailed in and ready for the rest of it tomorrow. Concrete was mixed and poured for steps on the front of the stage and the electrical work continued as well as the pew construction. The electricity at Sainsurin's house is still out but we are doing fine. God is so good as he helps us through so many obstacles here in Gonaives Haiti. We had some visitors today, Reggie Thomas and Cliff Hazard. They were very well pleased with the progress of the building. Reggie made a comment to Ed as he looked inside the front door that he was standing there "witnessing a miracle." What a wonderful and humbling experience to be a part of this awesome plan of God to build this building. Please continue to pray for all of us as it looks like a storm may be moving in. 
Wednesday Oct. 24, 2012
At the Christian Church at Kay George the roof was completed today! Praise the Lord!!!! Eighteen of the twenty pews are completed and the front entrance was leveled out with the beautification process started on the front of the building. More electrical work was done and it has rained all day. When this day started we were not sure what the weather was going to do as it was raining pretty hard already. Discussion was whether or not the guys could safely get on the roof and we decided to gather around and take it to the Lord in prayer. Afterward it seemed instantly the rain slowed down and they decided to go to the job site and see if they could do it. With so much accomplished today, when they got back home it started raining really hard again and we all praised God for a good days work. The electricity came back on here at the house, another huge blessing! CMF crew worked on taking inventory and returning the tools and supplies back to their proper places. We are thankful tonight that the hurricane did not strike here and we are anxious for the rest of the building to be complete. Our hearts are so full of gratitude to our God, Jehovah Jira, (God provides)
Thursday Oct. 25, 2013
After a long night of hard rain, the men decided to go to the job site to see if they could get in. We got them as far as the road leading to the road to the church. It was approximately 1/2 a mile to walk, but mud and water was everywhere! There was a warm welcome by the neighbors as the men arrived, I guess they thought they may not come today. The pews are 100% complete now and all the trash has been picked up. Most all of the tools and equipment was gathered up and brought back to Sainsurin's house. Five pieces of plywood was installed to secure the building due to the steel doors not ready yet because of all the power outages this week. The block layers for the gable ends were postponed due to inclement weather conditions. Yes, we have a nasty weather system over us, but we are doing well. The dedication service that was planned for Friday may change quite a bit and we are all disappointed about that. Either way we are rejoicing over the accomplishments thus far. Praise, honor and glory belong to God! Thank you Lord!

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